My mentor has 'raised me' to LIVE the words included in this quote. When I initially fulfilled her I was working hours over my FTE in the NICU, consulting, speaking, raising my then much younger kids, signing up for several events at my kids' school and trying to clean my home, aid coach a sport, blah, blah, blah.Health care reporting systems can r… Read More

Many current short articles have shown that the less you move, the more you are most likely to die earlier. Well, gadgets that monitor your movement can be excellent motivators to get your butt moving.The reality that they such excellent results stemmed more from the way they set the goals. The objectives they set for the year were company objectiv… Read More

We also just recently introduced 2 other things that are the bottom two: Organization Process Improvements and Client Journey Mapping. Customer Journey Mapping I will come on to in a minute. Has any person encounter this Consumer Journey Mapping before? Yeah, it is not brand-new, however it is very, extremely reliable.Improving your proprioceptive … Read More

Every year, companies all over the nation have individuals striving from January to December. These staff members are toiling away on a day to day basis. They are bring out the vision of the company and making it a truth.The other advantage that healthcare has is that they are a single silo. So whereas my area of Norwich Union Life has about five v… Read More

Your day may not be anything like what I've explained listed below, but the point of the post is to recommend that a lot of administrators put out fires all day long and juggle conferences, email, and staff member and physician concerns and have extremely little time for preparation and thinking. Depending on how long you've been with your current … Read More